Thrawn coming to Marvel Comics.

A nice surprise on Friday of SDCC 2017: Thrawn Comic

Just saw this Thrawn update on Twitter:

I immediately contacted Heather, a Marvel Comics editor who works with the company’s Star Wars titles.she was still through the roof about the announcement.

She was still through the roof about the announcement…

“Thrawn has been my favorite Star Wars character since I first read him in Heir to the Empire,” she explained, citing the character’s Legends’ origins. “To debut him in the Marvel comics canon is a dream come true.”

Antos interacted with fans online, answering a pretty important question about the upcoming series:

Heather also told her tweeps, “I have been pitching a THRAWN book since my first day at Marvel. I’m so unbelievably excited I can finally say I’m editing one!”

I told Antos that Zahn’s [amazon_textlink asin=’0345511271′ text=’recent Thrawn novel’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’makingnet-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cb2914a5-6e52-11e7-8492-411ff26e77f3′] turned my opinion on the character around 180-degrees.

She replied, “He’s my all-time fave :D”

Look for more official word soon… JB

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