You Stay Classy San Diego

SDCC 2017 finnished up on Sunday with just a couple of pieces of Star Wars news (from within and without San Diego) to dent our feeds. Nothing big was supposed to break during Comic Con, and nothing big broke.

However, SDCC ended up as a decent coda for D23…

Force Friday Coming Soon

Hasbro teashed Force Friday II – September 1, 2017 – and urged fans to visit their booth prior to the end of the con:

Doctor Aphra No. 10

The Star Wars Instagram account gave fans a reason to look forward to the post-con summer, with a gorgeous photo of the next Doctor Aphra comic cover:

Luke’s Starfighter

Corey from MSW has been doing some thinking, and some researching, and came up with this hot take.

The only good thing about the end of SDCC, is Darth’s realization is that we’re that much closer to The Last Jedi…

Thanks for reading everyone… JB

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