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Our sketch of Artoo’s new hat in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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One of the more interesting things we keep hearing about from Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been about the Porgs of Ahch-To. We’ve heard wild things like that they are sacred birds on Luke Skywalker’s planet. We know they have a nest with about 12 recently hatched little Porgs and Chewbacca and Artoo have some moments with the birds before the action on Ahch-To heats up. We’ve also heard that the Porgs with orange feathers are male and the Porgs without are female. Today we have a small update on this piece of reliable news we recently heard about:

There is a moment in The Last Jedi where one of the porgs lands on Artoo’s head and it is absolutely adorable.

Here is our drawing of a male Porg on Artoo’s head as it should appear in The Last Jedi: 

From our older article on Porgs:

I really like these creatures and I think they could be huge. They’re kind of the antithesis of The Praetorian Guard. They’re cute and situationally comical. The Porg on Artoo’s head takes me back to this shirt I had when I was a kid of Wicket the Ewok looking into Artoo’s main eye and because of that it’s one of my favorite moments. I love the moments where you have two “alien” things that only exist in Star Wars encountering one another briefly and you see how they would interact. In this instance the Porg uses Artoo as a perch. I need a shirt with this on it. I wonder what Artoo’s reaction to a Porg on the head will be?

You can read our older article on the Porgs here.

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