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Spider-Man is a Star Wars Fan


Plenty of references to a galaxy far, far away in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Generally, if it’s not Star Wars-related, I am not seeing a film in the movie theater more than once.

However, I made the exception this past weekend when one of my friends asked if I wanted to go see Spider-Man: Homecoming. I saw it — and enjoyed it — so I said, “Sure…”

But I had an ulterior motive…

You see, in the movie, Spidey is a Star Wars fan. So, I figured a second viewing would make for a fun little piece for

See, I’m making sacrifices for you “true-believers.” Excelsior!


Peter Parker is Star Wars Fan, Tom Holland is Not – At Least of the Original Trilogy

Most everyone who loves the MCU’s Spider-Man and Star Wars is aware of the scene; the set piece in Captain America: Civil War when Spider-Man takes down a giant Ant-Man (it makes sense in-universe, dear reader).

Spidey spins a web as he asks War Machine and Iron Man, “Hey guys, have you ever seen that really old movie – Empire Strikes Back? You know that part, when they are on the snow planet with the walking thingies?” And with the help of some Tony Stark tech, takes down Ant-Man Wedge and Janson style (pictured above and below).

However, Tom Holland, the 21-year-old actor inside the Spider-Man suit, probably needed to have the reference explained to him as he first read the script. “I haven’t seen The Empire Strikes Back, I’m not gonna lie,” reported Yahoo! movies in April. However, the London-native did enjoy the last two entries in the saga, The Force Awakens and Rogue One. “I really am a fan of those, I thought they were great fun.”

So did we. But you prequel-haters might be rooting for the Michael Keaton’s Vulture (a part Mark Hamill wanted to play) after hearing Holland’s next quote:

I’m even more embarrassed to say that I love those movies when I was a kid. Everyone’s like, ‘What? You liked those movies?!‘” Holland said of Lucas’s divisive Episodes I-III (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith) released between 1999 and 2005. “But I thought they were great.

But we digress…

Saga Easter Eggs in Spider Man: Homecoming

First off, let’s be clear — I was actively looking for these, and there’s a fair chance that I am stretching. But, honestly, who cares? It gives my fellow Star Wars fans a reason to hit the theater before December. So here goes…

Homecoming: A Clerks/Star Wars Call-back

I really believe that some how, some way, that Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Jon Watts is referencing the Star Wars conversation in Kevin Smith’s Clerks with the Vulture’s backstory of the little guy being crushed by The Man and “left-wing radicals”; Michael Keaton’s vulture character being caught up in the political machinations that follow the Avengers “battle of New York” should remind fans of the plight of Randal’s innocent Death Star contractors.

“No way,” you say. Click away. “Maybe?” Keep reading…

The Star Wars in Spidey List…

Here’s my breakdown of Star Wars Easter eggs and references in Homecoming; listed in vaguely film-appearance order:

  1. Rogue One composer Michael Giacchino scored Spider-Man, working in familiar musical call-backs in both movies.
  2. LEGO obsessed Ned (Jacob Batalon) announces his acquisition of the [amazon_textlink asin=’B01KOQ9AAK’ text=’LEGO Death Star set’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’makingnet-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’66256808-6c8f-11e7-9d71-0d79e5cd9d84′] by showing Peter Parker (Tom Holland) his Emperor LEGO Minifigure – complete with Force lightning.
  3. The crook working his way into an ATM with some alien-powered laser fire, reminded me of Qui-Gon Jinn working his way through a blast door with his lightsaber in The Phantom Menace.
  4. Peter has an AT-AT on a shelf in his room. I think it’s a current era model, but could be vintage Kenner.
  5. There are Star Wars figures on another shelf (wall with the door); I think five of them, including a Rebel pilot. They look to be “Power of the Force Figures.” I could swear one was Jek Porkins…
  6. The Han Solo standalone movie’s Donald Glover is in the movie. Yes, “young Lando” has a pretty cool part as Aaron Davis, a smooth-talking criminal. Sound familiar? Davis has a whole other backstory, but that’s for a different blog.
  7. There is an X-wing fighter hanging above Peter’s desk. Not sure what era toy/model.
  8. Ned’s Washington, DC hat is reminiscent of Luke’s bowl-style hat seen in cut scenes of A New Hope (and in the below pic). He may even put his sunglasses up on top, just like Luke.
  9. By mid-movie Peter is sick of Tony Stark, his would-be mentor, treating him “like a kid.” I immediately thought Anakin/Obi-Wan. Extra credit: Jon Favreau, oft-rumored to helm a Star Wars standalone flick, plays Happy Hogan. Extra note: Ned is Padme in this scenario.
  10. The elevator troubles in the Washington Monument — and the crisis resolution therein — reminded me of Revenge of the Sith’s elevator troubles on General Grievous’ flagship. Yes, this is a stretch, but it popped into my head and this is my piece…
  11. Certain parts of the Spidey vs. Vulture battles were — at least to me — call backs to Jango Fett (just a “simple man”) taking on Obi-wan (naturally gifted Jedi) with tech.
  12. The crash of the “Moving Day” jet on the New York beach, and Spidey’s attempt to control the crash, had me thinking about Revenge of the Sith and Anakin providing “another happy landing.”
  13. Oh yeah. The dad reveal. Duh.

Bonus Reference: Ned’s fedora in the party scene is a pretty clear reference to Indiana Jone’s famous head gear.

Finally, the last thing I’ll note — a quip that made me laugh out loud — is more of a reference to my current avocation; as in when Tony tells Peter there are reporters waiting for him. “Real ones. Not bloggers,” he says.

Hopefully, you all think I’m a real reporter. However, if you want me to add any references to this list, or simply want to tell me I am wrong, hit me up on twitter: @jmbishopjr. I’ll be looking for responses.


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