Did the Official Name of “Star Wars Land” Leak Online?

Star Wars Land
Star Wars Land might have a new name… (Disney concept art)

Fans might soon be traveling to the edge of a galaxy far, far away….

In a late-breaking story, at least for fans on the East Coast, there comes news that a sharp-eyed shamus seems to have tracked down the official moniker for Disney’s Star Wars-themed park additions – aka Star Wars Land.

Our friends over at Slashfilm.com report

A few hours ago, an eagle-eyed Redditor noticed that the source code for a post on the official Disney Parks Blog seemed to reveal the official name of Star Wars Land as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Let’s look at the evidence… if you type “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge” into Google, complete with the quotations around it to create a more specific search, the first result is the official Disney Parks website.

Read the whole article (including source code) here.

No matter the eventual veracity of the rumor, there’s no doubt any news beyond the obvious is pretty neat to dream about going into a busy Saturday in Anaheim.

Meanwhile, if you’re seeking to bolster your knowledge about the edge of the galaxy, you need go no further than Starwars.com, where designer Doug Chiang talked to Dan Brooks about the development of Disney Park’s Star Wars-themed environments, and his feelings about the public finally getting some details.

Oh, it’s amazing,” said Chiang. “It’s like a film premiere, because you work so hard. And we’ve been working on this for two and half years, which is pretty much the duration of working on a film. To finally reveal it to the public is a little nerve-wracking, because you never know what the reaction. But it’s so heart-warming to see the smiles on people’s faces when they see something like this.”

Read that piece here.

Be sure to keep your eyes on MSW on Saturday, as the Walt Disney Studios Live Action Films presentation begins at 10:30 AM (California time). Then, at 3:00 PM PST the Disney Parks presentation takes the stage.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have some confirmations throughout the day.

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