Snoke Theory According to Nicholson and Saunders

Jenny, Steele and Snoke Theory on Screen Junkies Millennial Falcon…

Jenny once said not everyone on Reddit hates Jason Ward because she’s not on Reddit. I don’t know why we keep promoting her show. I guess I just want to still make it all about me. I guess her show is just that good too. Oh yeah, and Steele was on it this week. So watch Jenny and Steele do their thing and subscribe to Screen Junkies News’ Millennial Falcon.

Finally, for once and for all, Jenny and Steele Saunders from Steelewars get to the bottom of every Snoke theory.

Also check out that time Amanda was on Jenny’s show too.

I observed Jenny and Steele live at Meltdown Comics last weekend. When Steele does his next appearance make sure you come down and hang out with us. I won’t miss it. You can listen to the appearance here.

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