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Welcome Podcast 2187 to the Making Star Wars Podcast Network!

Welcome Podcast 2187!

We are truly in a time when Star Wars fans have a plethora of podcasts about anything and everything related to Star Wars to choose from. Whether it’s one-on-one interviews with “Steele Wars,” in-depth dissection from “The Cantina Cast,” exclusive spoilers on “Now, This is Podcasting!” or fun literary analysis with “Tarkin’s Top Shelf,” the Making Star Wars Podcast Network aspires to be your chosen destination for Star Wars podcasting, and has been honored and pleased to be voted your Fan Favorite Podcast Network two years in a row!

The Making Star Wars Podcast Network strives to make podcasts that are above all else, fun, honest, and enthusiastic. Because of the standards we hold ourselves to, we don’t often recruit to the network, but one podcast has stood out among many over the past year as having unique, informative, hilarious and interesting discussion about anything and everything Star Wars. “Podcast 2187” embodies many of the qualities we strive for at the Making Star Wars Podcast Network, and their enthusiasm to continue to grow, improve, and most of all deliver amazing content has endeared them to a wide and loyal fanbase.

The Hosts

As host, Tim manages to put together weekly comprehensive discussions and sometimes literally corrals his co-hosts with a style that is both relatable and entertaining.  Jared brings to every episode his encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, witty commentary on Star Wars events, and overall great attitude that many find relatable. As the old curmudgeon of the podcast (just kidding) Mark has years of Star Wars fandom to reference as well as diverse and unique perspectives on the Star Wars universe (because he’s old). And as the straight man of the podcast Andrea brings a completely fresh, dynamic, and funny commentary to each episode. Just don’t get her talking about the Prequels. 😉

I’ve personally been invested in this podcast since its inception and I cannot recommend it more highly.

New Episodes Every Tuesday

We are beyond pleased to bring “Podcast 2187″ into the Making Star Wars family and look forward to many more years of laughter! Check out their latest episode below, and look for forthcoming weekly posts here on MakingStarWars.net.

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