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Around the Star Wars Galaxy: News Roundup – 8.21.17

Death Star Eclipse

Finding Star Wars news: Not a problem if “you’re not looking up…”

With the rest of the continent looking up at today’s solar eclipse, here at MSW we’re looking at our screens – scouring the Internet for Star Wars news to interrupt the remainder of your working day. We found a few stories to get your fandom stoked on an August morning…

New Battlefront II Trailer Drops

A gorgeous new trailer dropped for the upcoming Battlefront II: Starfigher Assualt Mode.

Via the EA Star Wars news release:

See it all now, and much more of what’s to come, in the new Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II trailer, with previews of the new Starfighter Assault mode that features improved and expanded space combat, and glimpses into the starfighter battles inspired by all three cinematic eras of Star Wars. 

EA also posted of Battlefront II, “Tune in [today, Monday] August 21 at 9:30 AM PT at to see it in action, and then get ready to try it yourself.”

Battlefront II releases on November 14, 2017.

The Power of Costume

The official Star Wars homepage recently posted, “8 Things We Learned from ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume’” by Amy Ratcliffe.

In it, she previews the detail on display in the “Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costume” traveling exhibit, currently at the Cincinnati Museum Center.

Ratcliffe writes:

The thoughtful displays put the costumes of the Star Wars galaxy in their best light. The outfits are displayed artfully and accompanied by information about their design and fabrication with quotes from the likes of John Mollo and Trisha Biggar. Outfits from all the eras of cinematic Star Wars are represented, with a special section devoted to Padmé Amidala’s stunning and ever-shifting wardrobe.

Be sure to check out the article and find out which costume includes a Polaroid camera viewfinder.

The Last Jedi Meets Hamilton

This was from last week, but if you haven’t yet watched last week’s The Star Wars show, you should check out the sit down between Rian Johnson and Hamilton director Thomas Kail at Skywalker Ranch, where Johnson said he was working with Skywalker Sound.

Johnson admits that making a Star Wars movie — in the technical sense — isn’t that different from the exprience on previous films.


You’d be like, talking about the framing of a shot, and then we’d step back and say, ‘Yeah, that’s C3PO…’

It’s a fun moment in a quick, interesting interview.

However, one wonders why Thomas Kail was at Skywalker Ranch? Hmmm…

Iden Versio in A New Hope?

Lost in the shuffle of last week’s Obi-wan Kenobi news was our friend Alex Damon over at Star Wars Explained um, well, explaining where exactly Inferno Squad’s Iden Versio appears after the novel’s retconning of the Battle of Yavin.

Alex admits he’s not the first person to posit this info in a video, and that another fan had asked Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm story group about that particular moment in Star Wars. Martin said, “That was essentially my thinking…”

Damon expands the thought, explaining, “It’s not a confirmation…but I think even the headcannon of a story group member must account for something.

“I think it’s a really subtle and fun connection between the book and the film.”

We agree.

Click on the picture for the full video and see Mr. Martin’s tweet below.

NASA’s Connection to Star Wars

Today, the United States celebrates actual science. So will we.

So, check out this a piece entitled “NASA and Star Wars: The Connections Are Strong in This One”; a fun article, in which celebrated the connection between the space agency and the Saga:

No, NASA doesn’t have light sabers or hyperdrive yet. And despite popular demand, we’re not building a Death Star. But we are doing what we’ve done for over half a century — sending spacecraft into our solar system and beyond, and peering with our telescopes into galaxies far, far away.

Enjoy the piece, which features a ton of beautiful photos with “Star Wars connections.”

FYI: NASA is obviously getting a lot of traffic today. Patience. JB


UPDATE: Late Addition from

Around noon here on the East Coast,’s Anthony Breznican tweeted out:

Following the link, we have a nice discussion of Obi-wan’s previous in-cannon appearance on Tatooine (prior to A New Hope and after Revenge of the Sith, of course).

It all culminated in the episode “Twin Suns,” with a campfire showdown on Tatooine when Luke was still an unaware farmboy in his early teens. By then, Ben Kenobi had taken on the Alec Guinness look we know from the original trilogy. also throws in a nice preview of a featurette to be included on the August 29 release of Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 on Blu-ray.


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