Cantina Cast #192: Praetorian Guards and Mace Windu Character Dissection

Mike and Joao are on a roll with doing character dissections of secondary characters in Star Wars, and this week it’s Mace Windu.

Quick episode summary:

  • “Cantina Cast” announcements
  • Mini topic: Praetorian Guards–who are they?
  • Main topic: Mace Windu character dissection
  • Teetering on the Dark Side?
  • Mace and Qui-Gon’s ideals
  • Reluctance to have Anakin trained
  • Mace and the Jedi council
  • Mace the cunning warrior
  • His mistrust of Anakin
  • Did Mace forgo the Jedi way against Darth Sidious?
  • Was Mace right in his judgment of Sidious?

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