Cantina Cast #195 The Vader/Kylo Conundrum: Who’s More Evil?

This week Mike and Joao try to answer who is more evil–Kylo Ren or Darth Vader? Plus more Entertainment Weekly news.

Quick episode summary:

  • Entertainment Weekly: Rey’s parentage will be revealed in The Last Jedi
  • Entertainment Weekly: Kylo Ren bringing the Sith back?
  • Entertainment Weekly: Finn’s past
  • Main topic: Who’s more evil–Kylo or Vader?
  • What drives them toward the Dark Side?
  • Their reasons for turning to the Dark Side
  • Who’s committed the worst acts of evil?
  • Why is Kylo trying to kill his soul?
  • Is Kylo redeemable?
  • Is Darth Vader redeemed to the galaxy?
  • Who is more evil?

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