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Emilia Clarke’s character name in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story

SWU  noticed that Michael K. Williams revealed the name of Emilia Clarke’s character in a recent Vanity Fair article. I can assure it is not a misquote but it is a little different than what was printed (as far as I know). Williams was playing an alien in the film before he had to exit due to scheduling conflicts. This is the second time an actor from the film has revealed a character’s name on the Solo film since Woody Harrelson revealed he’s playing Beckett.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Williams drops Clarke’s character’s name when he says he had:

“a link between Han Solo and Emilia’s character, Kira.”

You may remember that we used to report Rey from The Force Awakens had the name Kira. It makes sense in that the name probably came from Lawrence Kasdan and when the name was changed to Rey he reused the name. However, can report that the spelling of the name in the Han Solo movie is not “Kira” but rather “Kura” according to sources around Pinewood Studios and the filming over the last year.

We were waiting for more concrete evidence for “Kura” before reporting but I’ll take Michael K. Williams and Vanity Fair as confirmation of the character’s name as we’ve been hearing it.

You can see the list of names we’ve uncovered here. More from the untitled Han Solo story will come soon! Nice work to SWU for catching that!

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