EW gets into Porgs and Praetorians from Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Entertainment Weekly continues its coverage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. EW is on a roll as the first article and the second article are now followed by two more great pieces by Anthony Breznican. Make sure you head over to EW and read the write-ups as they’re stellar and very informative. The movie looks so fantastic; I can’t help but gush. This is the Star Wars movie I wanted since they announced new Star Wars films were coming after the prequel trilogy. I think Rian Johnson is rocking this movie.

This article is about Ahch-To and focuses on Porgs and Nuns:

Another article covers Snoke’s guards. Rian Johnson elaborates on Snoke being a puppet and says he’s entirely CGI. I suppose the practical elements like that hands that attach to an operator are being digitally erased in the film. They looked brilliant physically but consistency is king, I suppose.

Head over to EW and check out its excellent Star Wars coverage!


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