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New Rockstars

Breaking down Star Wars films, trailers, and theories for your entertainment

Previously, this space has pointed out folks from various and sundry spots around Star Wars fandom and journalism. Today, for your lunch break fodder, I’d like to introduce another of my staple spots for saga speculation and theories: New Rockstars on YouTube.

“Introduce” is certainly the wrong word. New Rockstars enjoy over a million subscribers, but just in case you haven’t been watching their breakdown videos–going back to October 30th, 2015, produced prior to the opening of The Force Awakens–give them a try.

Erik Vos (and sometimes Filup Molina) hosts many of these videos, which take the time to do what we all want to do–break down EACH second of Star Wars content to its base connections and influences. However, the nice thing on these vids remains the fandom of the hosts. They take the films seriously (but not too seriously), and they take fandom seriously. Just awesome… and entertaining.

A Starkiller base-sized but…

Coming out of last week’s photo reveals and stories on, the channel tackled one of the more “clickbaitable” theories out there on the Interweb.

Star Wars Last Jedi theory! In The Force Awakens, did Kylo Ren really kill Han Solo, or did Han activate the lightsaber? Erik Voss explains the theory, and what it could mean for The Last Jedi. Will Kylo Ren be redeemed, or is he truly evil? What do the clues from the script, novelization, performances of Harrison Ford and Adam Driver, and director’s commentary by JJ Abrams tell us? Will Luke save Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi?

BTW: The channel was recently profiled in The New York Times; writer Scott Porch’s synopsis:

They are superfans — sophisticated ones — using visual aids to break down shows and movies for superfans. And their handiwork makes the audience for these pop-culture spectacles even bigger and more engaged.

Cool stuff, for sure. Possible spoilers ahead!

Watch the (entire) vid below, and tell ’em Bish sent you. JB


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