Marvel Comics Team Talks Rogue One, Star Wars Intersection

Spoilers Ahead for both the Marvel Comics Star Wars series and the movies.

Luke, Leia, and Han Head to a Familiar Planet

Simply file this under “cool”…

In an upcoming arc, the fine folks at Marvel comics are sending Luke, Han, and Leia to Jedha. There they will discover the deep back story of the Death Star plans, which allowed the Rebel Alliance to mount a successful assualt on the armored battle station.

“Luke is desperately seeking the Force and of course it’s one of the holiest cities in the universe, and it’s been blown up,” said Marvel’s Kieron Gillen to ABC News in an interview/video posted on August 3.

“The key image is Luke standing in the hole.”

New Theories Abound

Previously, others recognized the significance of the ABC News interview conducted by Michael Rothman (posted to the web in a piece written by Clayton Sandell) that included Gillen, several members of the Marvel team, and Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm story group.

On Wednesday, August 2, tweep Jeremy Conrad — previous to the news story — speculated, “What if Luke’s Jedi Academy Was on Jedha?” Then, Thursday followed up with, “Theory: Luke’s Academy, Jedha, and… [ellipses are mine; a final “turn back” sign to the spoiler averse… JB]”

As I write, 5:54 AM here on the East Coast, this reporter can’t get behind everything unabashedly – particularly before my second coffee. However, Conrad’s speculation seems a theory unlikely to require a tin foil hat.

Time will tell for sure, but in the interim you may read and be the judge.

Rogue One, Star Wars Intersection

In any case, the speculation surrounding Luke and his academy was further stoked by Gillen telling ABC, “We basically get a ‘Rogue One-Star Wars’ intersection…because I really just want to see Luke respond to discovering people like Jyn, discovering the people who led to him being able to take a shot at the Death Star.”

Jedha presents Luke with evidence of the sacrifices necessary to defeat the Empire.

“Luke took a million to one shot, but he didn’t realize in a very real way how many people died to let him take that shot. And that’s a really inspiring thing,” Gillen told ABC. “That’s going to drive him harder than ever.”

Be sure to read the ABC entire piece and watch the show… JB


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