Around the Star Wars Galaxy: News Roundup – 8.23.17

Cuteness Overload: Porgs Meet BB-8 on Star Wars YouTube

On Tuesday afternoon (August 22), the official Star Wars YouTube account posted of their new “Blips” video:

“We can’t blame BB-8 for losing his head over the porgs too.”

Obviously, Porg mania is in full force. And so are the Porgs themselves as the cute space puffins essentially dismantle the spherical droid in the latest video. Meanwhile, you may watch all five “Blips” shorts in the playlist below.

io9 Reviews Star Wars Infographics

Star WarsWe’ve been hearing a lot about the new book by Tim Leong, Star Wars Infographics.

James Whitbrook reviewed the book for Gizmodo’s io9, and passed on high praise.

Ever wondered who’s rescued who (and how many times) across the Star Wars saga? Or how many lightsaber colors have been shown across the movies and TV shows? This new infographic book is just for you.

The visuals on this book look incredible. But the key difference to this book is how incredible — and informative — the many illustrations really are.

“Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Star Wars Universe, published by Chronicle and created by Tim Leong as a follow up to his awesome comic book infographic collection Super Graphic, answers all these delightfully specific questions and more through an array of playful charts and graphs,” writes Whitby.

Check out the full review, complete with “enlargeable” images, here.

Star Wars: Legion Debuted at Gen Con

Polygon reportsStar Wars that a new points-based wargame recently “stole the show” at Gen Con.

Star Wars: Legion is a brand new hobby miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games that was unveiled for the first time at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis,” wrote Charlie Hall on August 22. “Two-player demos took place on stunning, hand-made dioramas that were the talk of the show.”

Check out the spectacular pictures in the article; however, the actual gameplay sounds pretty interesting as well.

The boxed starter set will come with 33 unpainted miniatures, about enough for two 500-point teams of Rebels and Imperials, as well as a collection of eight barricades for cover. Tournament play will feature 1000-point teams, and Fantasy Flight has plans for more factions down the line.

Look for the game in 2018.

Battlefront II Teases 10 Minutes of Gameplay and More

Rolling Stone was only one of the outlets posting the new 10-minute video of Starfighter Assault Gameplay from Battlefront II.

“In the video, producer Rob Wyle and designer designer John Stanley, both from developer Criterion, who’s handling the development of space battles, offer an in-depth look at the game’s Starfighter Assault mode, going over classes, ships and combat between Rebels and the Empire above an Imperial Shipyard,” wrote Blake Hester. “Starfighter Assault is set to cover multiple conflicts across the Star Wars series, separate from the game’s main campaign.”

Meanwhile, EA Star Wars posted a bonus video, outlining all the ships in the new game.

Battlefront II releases on November 17.


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