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Star Wars News: July’s Audio & Video from Around the Galaxy


Posts to help you catch up

There was lots of Star Wars news in July. And D23 and SDCC 2017 only added to the information deluge. Thankfully, and beyond the comprehensive coverage provided by MakingStarWars.net and the MSW Podcasting Network, the below posts might help you catch up from any vacation-induced stuppor. They certainly helped me!

DSNY Newscast on Galaxy’s Edge

Meandering around the Web, I picked up on the below video. Jack from DSNY Newscast explains where Disneyland’s three Galaxy’s Edge entrances may be found:

Jack also speculated as to the potential completion date for Galaxy’s Edge in Florida:

DSNY Newscast is SO consistent with his news from the Disney parks; with a particular emphasis on “Star Wars Land.” I can’t recommend his work more. Begin with the “Star Wars Land News” playlist.

Meanwhile, I was pleased to see several pieces from the usual suspects, previously profiled here on MSW–Alex Damon, Ken Napzok, Jennifer Landa, and Joseph Scrimshaw.

Star Wars Explained

Alex Damon from “Star Wars Explained” summarized all of the updates from cannon, movie, and gaming news in his July update.

Alex also updated his original “Complete Canon Timeline” with his monthly recap.


Jennifer, Ken, and Joseph did us a favor by posting a recap of Star Wars stuff from SDCC:

And they also created a recap of D23:

Jennifer also gave us a run around the convention floor in San Diego.

Steele Doesn’t Suck

Finally, our own Steele Saunders pointed out a Justice League/Star Wars comic-con Easter Egg “you might have missed…”

All in all, July was a fun month. And August started with a bang, so be sure to keep it right here on MSW for all the latest (and a point in the right directions). JB


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