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Tarkin’s Top Shelf Episode 19: Inferno Squad


The Rebellion has hope, but the Empire has Inferno Squad! In this episode, Mark and Becca go over the literary prequel to the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II video game, Inferno Squad. From story analysis to character breakdown, this discussion covers more than the book itself. In fact, Mark and Becca go beyond the pages of Inferno Squad and connect the dots to other aspects of the continuity.
  • News and Mentions:​
  • Analysis and Discussion:
    • Synopsis of the novel
    • ​Mark and Becca go into a character breakdown as they assess the storyline, and how it connects to other aspects of the continuity. ​
    • ​Other than continuity connections, Mark and Becca discuss possible plot lines and book connections to the upcoming video game, Star Wars Battlefront II.



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