Popular Mechanics Touts Science and Star Wars

In his piece “The Real Science of Lightsabers and Land Speeders,” Popular Mechanics’ Timothy Dahl touted Lucasfilm/Disney’s new web series.

Most fans of Star Wars have dreamed about wielding a real lightsaber or cruising along in a land speeder. But are these scenarios actually possible? Lucasfilm and Disney have launched a new digital series called Science and Star Wars that seeks to answer these questions.

Dahl writes that the new show explains “just how close real-world are coming to emulating” Star Wars tehnolog. Watch the premeire episode above, and look for new posts every Thursday.

Hamill Himself Speaks

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News - 9.27.17Mark Hamill agrees: Coming back to Star Wars is fun. However, alternately, the experience is “also hugely intimidating and bordering on terrifying, because it’s just almost too high-profile for comfort.”

Hamill, whose Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters in December, also spoke to the difficulty of doing press for a “movie you’re not supposed to talk about.”

Interviewed by StarWars.com’s Dan Brooks in a piece entitled “The Last Jedi Speaks,” Hamill said, “You know, I can talk about everything from Episode I through Rogue One and Force Awakens, but I just really can’t talk about Last Jedi in detail.”

A tough way to begin a Q & A, no?

Sure, but Brooks stuck the landing with questions about Hamill’s career and childhood.

However, the actor also gave insight about the relatively quiet production run by Episode VIII director Rian Johnson:

On something like The Last Jedi, it’s such a massive production. The complexity of it is just mind-boggling to me, and how [director] Rian Johnson stays so even-tempered and amiable. I never saw him lose his temper, I never heard him curse or humiliate someone. You know, I’ve had directors that dress people down in front of the whole crew. I was so lucky to be able to have his guidance.

Howard Keeps Hinting

In many ways, Ron Howard is re-writing Star Wars directorial playbook.

While embracing the secrecy noted by Mark Hamill, Howard — an Academy Award-winner — is turning the notion on it’s ear.

EW.com’s Nick Romano asks:

Could that be the case with whatever’s being teased below? As further food for thought, McQuarrie designed a concept for a location called The Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster. Might these symbols have something to do with the ones adorning the column? There were also similar symbols in the Temple of Lothal from Star Wars Rebels.

But in his piece “Han Solo movie director shares cryptic set photo” Romano also jokes, “Now, watch it be something far more simple than all these theories.”

See all of Howard’s social media moments in this MSW post.

Diego Luna on The Force

Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News - 9.27.17

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Cassian Andor (Diego Luna)

In a funny, but surprisingly poignant, interview, Diego Luna — Cassian Andor — from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was asked by late night talk show host Conan O’Brien about his thoughts on the afterlife, knowlege of which is his character’s goal in his new movie Flatliners.

“Yeah, I grew up watching Star Wars, so I believe more in the Force,” he said, much to Conan’s surprise. “My mom died when I was two, and I made wrong choices — the most stupid ones — and I’m still here, sitting on [The Conan O’Brien Show].

“What I’m saying is there’s some energy, I think,” continued Luna. “There’s some love of my mom taking care of me because it doesn’t matter how many stupid choices I make, I’m still here doing what I love.

I do believe we’re part of this in some way, and those who were happy in their lives become energy to help others to reach [higher].

“Yes, I do believe in the Force,” he said.

[Sniff] Did it get dusty in here? Watch my new favorite actor below. JB