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Blue Harvest Episode 114: King Tom Gives Hawes an Aneurysm

Hawes and Will are joined by Even DeChellis this week to discuss Force Friday and all of the new information that was revealed.

  • Hawes, Jessie, and Jeremy’s Force Friday adventures
  • Hawes is obsessed with his new porg
  • New information added to the database
  • New images from The Last Jedi released in the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app
  • Evan’s exciting upcoming project!
  • Information on Snoke’s Mega Destroyer Supremacy
  • Paul Bettany has been added to the Han Solo movie

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Matt Frost writes in with his pitch from an Obi-Wan movie
  • Robert writes in about the multiverse
  • King Tom send in a voice message that breaks Hawes’ brain
  • David wants to talk about Snoke’s fancy ring

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