Cantina Cast #199: Origins of the Knights of Ren

Mike and Joao thought they’d have a light news segment this week… they were wrong. The guys go over all the late-breaking Star Wars news and speculate on the origins of those mysterious warriors, the Knights of Ren.

Quick episode summary:

  • Death Star III?
  • The Last Jedi novelization releases on March 6th, 2018
  • Rian Johnson comments on the “surprise” twists in The Last Jedi
  • Rian Johnson has a few things to finish on The Last Jedi
  • Rian Johnson was asked about directing Episode IX
  • BREAKING NEWS: J.J Abrams will direct and co-write Episode IX
  • The firing of Colin Trevorrow
  • Discord Channel feedback
  • Main Topic: The Origins of the Knights of Ren
  • Did the Knights of Ren come from Jedha?
  • Did Ben Solo create the Knights of Ren?
  • Did Snoke create them?
  • Why is Kylo Ren the only knight with a lightsaber?
  • Are there a shortage of Kyber crystals?


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