What does the Falcon look like in the untitled Star Wars Han Solo story?

On today’s episode of Fingered by Randy & Jason we discussed the big Star Wars shake-up involving the director of Star Wars: Episode IX. But we also discussed what the Falcon looks like in the untitled young Han Solo film. You can check out the podcast below and subscribe at FingeredPodcast.com.

The Falcon is brand new and owned by Lando in the untitled Han Solo film. It has blue detailing all over it with a white base coat of paint. The other interesting detail is that we finally see the Falcon doing what it is supposed to do with cargo. Basically there’s an attachment that hooks into the front of the ship’s front “forks” and that elongates the front of the ship. It looks seamless but can also detached to drop a shipment of spice if Imperial entanglements get too complicated. The center of the ship allows for access to the cargo.

The paint is not unlike this old image of the Falcon showing the Revenge of the Sith paint scheme:

Han Solo Falcon - What does the Falcon look like in the untitled Star Wars Han Solo story?

Check back for my Star Wars: Han Solo news soon! The movie is sounding interesting and I’m intrigued. Also subscribe to Fingered by Randy and Jason to hear the “Now, This is Podcasting!” crew discuss things outside the Star Wars sphere.

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