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The meaning of Del Toro’s D.J. name from Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Our Twitter friend @UgurB_M was lucky enough to pick up a D.J. Funko POP! on Force Friday II. If you check out D.J.’s hat, it has some Aurebesh writing on the tag attached to the front of it. Is the tag the answer to the name?

I translated the DJ Funko Pops hat’s Aurebesh and it translates to “Don’t Join!”

Is D.J. short for “don’t join?” Is it his message to the galaxy? Don’t join the conflict between the Resistance and the First Order? Or don’t join one or the other? Or is it a subtle message that our heroes shouldn’t join him because he will eventually deceive them? He’s clearly not a joiner so maybe he’s just a rebel? I doubt it though. We’ve been hearing he’s far from trustworthy for some time.

I particularly enjoyed Anthony Breznican’s idea that D.J. was his hacker call sign. The other hacker or slicer is Justin Theroux,  who we have heard is called a “master hacker.”

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