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A rumor regarding what Warwick Davis is playing in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story!

Who is Warwick Davis playing in the untitled Han Solo movie?

Rumor has it Warwick Davis is playing a power droid called Fight Droid 2. Fight Droid 2 is a new take on a familiar power droid aesthetic. The spin on the power droid is way cooler than the box with legs Kenner sold us a little kids in the late seventies and early eighties. He’s not like any power droid we’ve seen on screen before.

Fight Droid 2 is decked out with weapons like a chainsaw and a buzzsaw blade for hands. One source jokingly called him the Boba Fett of awesome-yet-lame robots because his utility is killer and he’s perfectly absurd and entirely Star Wars.

I love the idea of a character like Han Solo looking at this thing because his reaction might be priceless. Does the Corellian (yes, Han’s planet is in the film along with Kessel) face off against Fight Droid 2 or is it more likely he and Chewbacca encounter this little terror in a gambling hall of some kind?

A rumor regarding what Warwick Davis is playing in the untitled Han Solo Star Wars story!

A power droid with no fight skills.

So what happened to Fight Droid 1?

We aren’t sure what happened to Fight Droid 1 or if he’s in the movie. It is sort of hilarious unto itself that Warwick is not only a “Fight Droid” but “Fight Droid 2,” the second in a long line of fight droids. Does he kill Fight Droid 1? Is there a gladiatorial area of robots in the film? We can’t say but I love the eccentric stuff in Star Wars a lot. That little moment with Chewbacca, a tall hairy beast growling at a Mouse Droid that skedaddles away on the Death Star, is pure Star Wars for me. Give me Ewoks, give me Porgs, and give me Fight Droids. Fight Droid 2 is on that same crazy wavelength of those eccentric moments where a space frog-dog eats a rodent in front of Jabba’s palace.

In slightly related news we have also heard about an R5-type droid mashed up with a power droid too but we aren’t sure if there’s any connection to Fight Droid 2 or if it’s just another eccentric creation for the film. Hopefully we hear more soon.

A very brief history of Warwick Davis in Star Wars.

Warwick Davis is playing his most outlandish part in a Star Wars film to date but he has a long line of outlandish characters in the saga. Warwick Davis began his stint as a Star Wars actor as a young man on Return of the Jedi playing Wicket W. Warrick the Ewok. He would reprise the character in two more Star Wars films made for television called The Ewok Adventure (aka Caravan of Courage) and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. He would return to Star Wars in the late nineties for The Phantom Menace and play Wald the Rodian, Weazel the gambler in the podracing arena, and one of Mos Espa’s street denizens. He also played Yoda for a pivotal walking moment before Obi-Wan is knighted a Jedi by Yoda. Davis returned two years ago in The Force Awakens to play Wollivan in Maz’s castle. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story he went on to play Weeteef Cyu-Bee, a Jedha rebel that kicked serious ass. Warwick Davis also has a role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, probably in the Canto Bight sequences. After we see Davis in The Last Jedi we will see in him the untitled Han Solo film as Fight Droid II.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I think Warwick Davis as the most dangerous power droid of all time is pretty fun. There’s been a lot of action going on with the untitled Han Solo story as of late so check back for some pretty cool rumors from the set.