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Star Wars Rebels Fans Ready for Season 4

The second trailer for Season 4 readies Rebels fans for the finale

A trailer dropped on Saturday… No, not that trailer; we’re still waiting for the next Star Wars: The Last Jedi preview.

However, Star Wars Rebels Season 4, Trailer 2 did much to ignite the feelings of saga fans on a sleepy Saturday in September.

“Just wow! From Kanera to X-Wings to Krennic to Stardust and all things in between,” wrote in Megan (@authorgrl28). “Where do I start?”

Where indeed?

A Perfect Culmination

Star Wars Rebels, Xena Duncan, Hera

“Seeing Hera being framed–as we head into Season 4–in her real role as leader and bastion of hope is overwhelming, particularly knowing where both the show and characters are hurtling,” began cosplayer and Rebels fan Alexina Duncan.

Recently profiled on, and quite recognizable (especially as Hera Syndulla), Duncan said she sees the show coming to fruition – particularly for her favorite Twi’lek.

“It feels like a perfect culmination of the journey that she has led her crew on since ‘Spark of Rebellion,'” she explained, referring to the show’s first arc. “We’re going to get those incredible emotional payoffs, the plot build-ups that we’ve been desperately waiting for in this great, agonizing crescendo.”

Somber Tone

Kanan, Star Wars Rebels

Andy of Rebel Transmission weighed in saying, “The part of this trailer that stood out for me the most was the dark tone.

“For me, this wasn’t just the because the story of our rebels is coming to an end, but this will be the end for some of our characters that we have come to love over the past three seasons and now leading into the fourth and final one,” he said. “Reflecting on it even out of the context of these characters journeys I feel as though the Ghost Crew have been with us in these beginning years of the post-George Lucas era at Lucasfilm.

“They have shown us what Star Wars can be moving forward and it’s going to be sad to see these characters go.”

Connections Galore

Saw Gerrera, Star Wars Rebels
Saw Gerrera

Given that we only know that Hera (and Chopper) survive into Rogue One, there certainly is a melancholy feel to the final season. However, fans also crave to know and understand the Ghost crew’s full place in the Saga.

“I love the Rogue One connections we’re getting; Saw Gerrera is such an intriguing character to me, so I’m glad we’re getting more of him,” continued Andy. “One of the themes in this series has been exploring choosing how to fight. I believe Saw is going to represent one extreme of that theme in Season 4.

“I am also very intrigued that Thrawn appears to be on the outs with the military leadership within the Empire now; and how he is going to be reacting to that through the season and if that could lead to why Thrawn isn’t around during the events of the Galactic Civil War.”

The tying up of loose strings is a theme most fans relish, even as they wait to watch the culminating moments of the series.

“I think after hearing about how Dave wanted to wrap up this season, the trailer suits that idea perfectly,” said Emma (a.k.a. @KnightofEM), who attended Saturday’s Star Wars Rebels Panel at Fan Expo Canada. “We’re going to see Ezra challenged, Hera step up and become a ‘Big Deal’ in the rebellion, Sabine continue her work with the Madalorians, more lore with the Loth Wolf…

“Meanwhile, Kanan and Hera finally figure out where they are with each other. You can just tell its going to come together beautifully.

“The visuals are impeccable, the character moments already look to be wonderfully written, and the action is becoming more like the classic star wars stuff we saw in A New Hope,” added Emma.

Tying the Trilogies Together

han solo
That connective tissue is very important to many viewers.

“Extremely excited to see how the series is edging ever closer to the events of Rogue One and A New Hope and how the series continues to tie together elements from the prequel and original trilogies, TCW, and Legends,” wrote in Kelly from Team Ahsoka. “I squealed when I heard Krennic and Stardust being namedropped.

“After four years, I’m both excited and anxious about the future of the Ghost crew and will start preparing for what is likely to be a bittersweet series finale.”

Bittersweet may be an understatement; many fans predict the demise of a favorite character, even as his feelings for members of the crew become clear.

“My final thought on the trailer is the focus Kanan and Hera are getting,” said Andy. “On the one hand, I’m so glad we see a lot of focus on their relationship–seemingly–which first began in the prequel novel A New Dawn.

“However, it does make me think Kanan is going to be one member of the Ghost crew that won’t be making it through this series.

“With the tone of this trailer and a fair chunk of it having some sadder Kanan moments I think we’re going to be seeing the end of our Cowboy Jedi here, but I know his story will be a satisfying,” he said.

Kelly agreed, and wrote that the culmination of Kanan’s story is most anticipated the aspect of Season 4.

More than expected…

Dave Filoni
Dave Filoni

“I’ve watched him grow from reluctant mentor to devoted teacher (and student) and am eager to see where his ultimate fate lies and how his relationships with Hera and Ezra will continue to evolve,” added Kelly. “Hopefully, it won’t end with him six feet under.”

That said, the series has given many fans more than they expected.

“These characters are stepping up to something so much bigger than where we started at the ‘Spark of Rebellion’ and fulfilling their potential,” added Xena. “Mandalore, the Jedi, the Rebellion–it’s all coming to a head now, and it’s going to hurt. A lot.”

But for now, the excitement of the series culmination has a swath of saga fans eagerly anticipating October 16.

“The audience at FanExpo Canada gave a standing ovation once it was all over because the crew really deserves it,” said Emma. “I cannot wait for this season to get started for good in October!”


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