How Porgs won over Star Wars fans and the internet
also features MSW’s Lumberjack Nick

Those of us familiar with Jason Ward’s work on behalf of Star Wars fandom remain unsurprised whenever the leader of the MSW cult brings new “details” to light (and yes, I am making a direct allusion to Jeffrey Lebowski–like Jason, a true Jedi master if there ever was one).

However, it’s nice to see Ward’s wisdom get some more love in the press…

Like last week, when’s Jordan Zakarin wrote:

True, it doesn’t take much to get Star Wars fans excited these days, but since the public got its first glimpse of the new cuddly aliens this summer, they have inspired an unprecedented wave of enthusiasm and devotion — and not coincidentally, a huge surge in toy sales.

Enter Mr. Ward and illustrator Lumberjack Nick. Zakarin credits Ward & Co. for breaking the potential of Porg Mania.

When they were making the movie, I kept getting people who worked at Pinewood and on location saying, ‘You’re going to love what’s coming, you’re going to love these new things,’ and they wouldn’t tell me for a long time what they were,” Jason Ward, the editor of the indispensable (and, for Lucasfilm, vexing) site “Finally I started to get reports that there were going to be these creatures inspired by puffins. Then people started sending me images and letting me know what they look like. And I was like, oh, these are cool, they’re going to be huge.

Using Jason’s descriptions, LJN designed the now famous preview image:


The rest is galactic history…

By the way, I don’t know how anything so cute could be vexing, but you decide for yourself and give the full Syfy article a good read.

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