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Tarkin’s Top Shelf Episode: 20 Star Wars Super Graphic


In today’s episode of Tarkin’s Top Shelf, Becca, and Mark sit down and chat over a different kind of Star Wars book. Star Wars ‘Super Graphic’ by Tim Leong. As your hosts flip through these colorful pages of Star Wars fun, they do their best to connect the galaxy far, far away with Star Wars ‘Super Graphic!’


  • Target commercial: “Bring your Rey Game” #ForceFriday2

  • Luke comic: Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie go to Jedha City





  • Connecting the saga continuity with Tim Leong’s distractingly fun ‘Super Graphic’ book

  • Force Abilities that connect throughout the saga

  • Lightsaber Lore and Mythology

  • Size Matters when it comes to galaxy far, far away

  • There are other Jedi Councils?

  • From Naboo, with Love

  • Happily Ever After or Tragic Endings?

  • Dis-members Only

  • R2D2 Odyssey

  • Mind Tricks

  • Luke’s dialogue in the films

  • Chronological Clone Wars

  • Breakdown of Rey’s Force Back (Vision)


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