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Last night reader Eddie sent in a pretty cool set of pint glasses that will be exclusive to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. He received the photos of the pint glasses as part of their e-mail newsletter. The interesting part of these glasses is it shows Luke Skywalker with his father’s old blue lightsaber ignited in his hands.

It would be our guess that at some moment he ignites the saber while training and evaluating Rey unless the artist Oliver Barrett was given some creative license. Either way, I wouldn’t consider this a huge spoiler as it has been officially given the okay by Lucasfilm as a pre-film product to be sold to the general moviegoing public and is equivalent to anything you would or will see in stores.

Since they are selling this on a product, I wonder if this will pop up in a TV spot once those starting hitting like wildfire soon?

Thanks to Eddie M. for the heads-up!

You can add the glasses to your order here.