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Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News 10.06.17

I received a lot of DMs on Twitter over the past couple of days, and a few of them came gift-wrapped with Star Wars stories…

Dr. Ophelian Looks for Leia

Since writing about her “Leia Fangirl Film”—Looking for Leia—I’ve kept in contact with Director Dr. Annalise Ophelian who’s kept me apprised of updates from the road and her editing room.

“We’ve just released a preview reel of some interview footage,” wrote the good doctor on Thursday, sending me scrambling to her Twitter feed.

“We were at GeekGirl Con last weekend and wanted to show some of the work,” explained the filmmaker of the newly released reel.

“We’ve been on the road for about six months,” added Ophelian. “We have hours and hours of material at this point, and it was incredible to sit down with it and assemble a reel.”

It was incredible to watch it, too.

I was taken aback by the care Annalise had put into the 10 minutes on my screen. However, what was even more obvious—even in a short watch—is how much effort and care the crew are putting into this entire project.

On a mission…

“I’m struck by the fact that for every one of the amazing women we spoke with on film, there are a thousand+ women with powerful and compelling stories in the world who we’ve not even met,” wrote the director. “Women’s fandom is just so incredibly vast and inspiring.

“It’s wonderful hearing the response to this reel. Clearly, these are stories we’ve all been waiting to hear.”

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the effort Dr. Ophelian and crew have put into this project, even as she explains its beginnings.

“I first considered the project in 2015 after attending my first Star Wars Celebration, and came up with a general concept over the next year or so,” she recalled when asked about the original impetus of Looking for Leia.

“Originally I wanted to take a road trip around the US talking with Star Wars fangirls, and I thought if I collected compelling footage I’d be able to convince Carrie Fisher to sit down with me on camera and end the piece by talking about her iconic role and what it’s meant to female fans.

“[Fisher’s] death last year devastated me, as it did so many, and I felt that the project died with her.

“My partner was actually the one to say, ‘You HAVE to do this, it’s actually more important now than ever.’ So I started filming in March,” wrote Annalise.

We’re all glad Looking for Leia persevered and can’t wait to see the completed project.

Have a watch of the preview reel:

“On the Duty Roster” – Harb Binli

Spoilers for the new book From a Certain Point of View ahead…

One of my beloved Rebel pilots, Harb Binli—as played by Benjamin Hartley in Rogue One—also filled me in with some fun news.

“Well, it’s official. I did fly with Luke at Yavin,” said Hartley, with tongue firmly in cheek. “There’s a Star Wars book of short stories which includes a few of the new names – including young Harb Binli.

“The story is called ‘Duty Roster.’ Thought you might find it interesting!”

Little did Ben know that I am VERY interested in the book (the new Star Wars book release From A Certain Point of View) and his note immediate sent me to Kindle.

Now, I don’t want to spoil the entire story for you, but everyone knows that only two X-wings (and a Y-wing) return to Yavin IV, and Binli’s isn’t one of them. However, that didn’t dampen Hartley’s spirits; he’s just happy to have Harb survive the Battle of Scarif and join Red Squadron in the Battle of Yavin.

“Yes. Super cool,” wrote Hartley of Harb’s inclusion. “Well, it’s amazing to be ‘there’…

“But it’s also strange to read about your character dying,” he added. “Even though you knew all but two died!”

Pick up [amazon_textlink asin=’0345511476′ text=’From A Certain Point of View here’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’makingnet-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’983381d9-aa99-11e7-b49f-979ad5432cb0′].

Meanwhile At Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars

Finally, my tweep Jack Kendall from DSNY Newscast—a YouTube show that has done an amazing job keeping fans abreast of the development of Galaxy’s Edge—shot me a note:

“Got a video coming out on some details of the Millennium Falcon Attraction tonight!”

It was real fun video, outlining the upcoming Millennium Falcon attraction in “Star Wars Land.”

In the clip, Jack explained that despite there being a high loading capacity for the attraction, Disney is so committed to the immersive nature of the ride that “apparently you won’t be able to see any of the other guests board or disembark the other simulation pods.”

Honestly, I simply can’t believe this is actually coming to fruition.

Have a look at Jack’s latest for the lowdown, and check out the playlist linked above…

Finally on the Star Wars Show

There was quite a bit to digest in the latest Star Wars Show, with the Battlefront II beta taking up a prime spot.

Lucasfilm teased the episode:

In this installment of The Star Wars Show, we have all the details on the Star Wars Battlefront II beta, we visit the GhostBot studio…to see how Star Wars Forces of Destiny is made, talk to Dante Basco of Hook and Star Wars Rebels, and more!

And don’t miss the scene from The Force Doth Awaken performed by the San Francisco Shakespeare Company.

Watch this week’s Star Wars Show below:

Thanks to everyone keeping me in the know. I am loving the collaboration and help. JB


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