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Blue Harvest Episode 120: A Royal Trailer Analysis

Hawes and Will welcome King Tom to show to help them break down the latest trailer for The Last Jedi!

  • Will, Hawes, and Tom’s experience with buying tickets for The Last Jedi
  • Tom asks Will for some cooking advice
  • How does the trailer stack up when compared to other recent Star Wars trailers?
  • Who is everyone talking to in the trailer?
  • How much of the trailer is intentionally misleading?
  • How many of the shots are actually meant to be callbacks to previous Star Wars movies?
  • Will Rey have an experience similar to the cave on Dagobah?
  • How do the events of the movie unfold?
  • Who will come out victorious in the Finn vs. Phasma battle?
  • Is there a copilot on the Falcon?
  • Has Kylo rebuilt his saber?
  • Will Rey be tempted by the dark side? Will she turn?
  • Will the question of Rey’s parents be answered in The Last Jedi?
  • An important message from Vinny is played

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