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Blue Harvest Episode 121: Help the Kids

Jeremy the Space Barbarian joins Hawes and Will this week.

  • Check out the Kessel Toy Run @thekesseltoyrun on Twitter to help kids in need!
  • The Han Solo movie has a name and it’s super surprising,
  • EA has closed Visceral studios and is reworking the Star Wars game that was in development.

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • JD Fett calls in with a confirmation about From a Certain Point of View.
  • DeMarcus is dizzy from trailer hype.
  • Steve Adi has some thoughts about Mustafar.
  • Josh has some ideas about the final scenes in the trailer.
  • Richie from Boston calls in and guess what? He loves the trailer too.
  • Peter can’t even right now.
  • Eric H. calls in for the first time and has some questions about Star Wars canon.
  • Chris has some thoughts about the music in the trailer.
  • Jonathan’s trailer thoughts.
  • Brad Love has some questions about the lightsaber effects in The Last Jedi.
  • Sors Bandeam picks up a new full time job.

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