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Blue Harvest Episode 122: The Hippie Curse

Hawes, Will, “Blue Harvest.” You know how we do.

  • Hawes goes to a concert and has a magic spell cast on him
  • A new behind-the-scenes video for The Last Jedi is released
  • What new information is revealed?
  • Kotaku publishes a new article about the cancellation of Visceral’s Star Wars game

Listener e-mails and voice messages are discussed.

  • Dave wonders if Kylo really killed Han
  • Josh has some ideas about what kind of Star Wars game he’d like to see
  • Brad has some thoughts after listening to our The Force Awakens reaction episode
  • Michael wonders about a connection between Rey and Snoke
  • William LOVES the trailer for The Last Jedi
  • Rashad wonders if a force ghost will appear to Rey
  • Chris thinks Rey may be unrelated
  • Peter clarifies the details of his 50-mile race

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