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When MakingStarWars.net started out we were jumping from Tumblr to a website. In 2013, the fan site community was much smaller, much tighter, and generally had a great vibe. I remember when we finally got the site up and live Mark Newbold and Brian Cameron were two of the guys at the time that were prominent voices online that essentially said “Hey, Jason made a site, check it out.” Dunc at Club Jade was another person and organization that did that for me. I’m forever grateful for their welcoming attitude and it is something I’ve attempted for better or worse to replicate whenever I can. I don’t think without them I would have got the boost I needed to make the site a success.

Mark and Brian have a new site! The new site is called Fantha Tracks. Cameron and Newbold are pretty strong voices in the community and while you can generally get your news anywhere, I find myself wondering what Newbold and Cameron think of things and this is where you can find them now. Unique, intelligent, and fun voices in the online Star Wars press are interesting to me. That’s why I don’t think any one site or person should or could ever dominate the discourse of Star Wars indie journalism. That is also why I find the ultra-competitive sites a bit hilarious from this vantage point now.

If you’re looking for something new to bookmark, check out Fantha Tracks. I’ve bookmarked their site and I’m jazzed to see them diving back into Star Wars writing again. It is sure to be a solid endeavor and worthy of adding to your morning, afternoon, or nighttime reading list.

Good luck with the new site, Mark and Brian!

(Fantha Tracks)


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