The in-game story of Visceral’s Star Wars: Project Ragtag had it been completed

The Empire visits the Rang Mining Operation at the Graveyard of Alderaan.

Here are all of the elements of the story of Star Wars: Project Ragtag I was able to gather before the project was canceled. Today Kotaku brought us a great breakdown of the internal struggles that brought the game to being canceled. Now I bring you the story that would have unfolded over the course of the game.

Upfront I want to say thank you to Visceral for attempting to make the Star Wars game I always wanted to play. Everything I saw and heard made me think they were really putting their backs into it. The story they wanted to tell was fantastic and the art even more so.

Star Wars: Project Ragtag was set just before Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Star Wars: A New Hope set the stage for most of the story as I understood it. The Empire was coming down hard on citizens of the galaxy after the various rebellions and the destruction of the Death Star. The pressure the galaxy felt was intense in the criminal underworld. This pressure pushed some into capitalizing on others while some joined the resistance against Emperor Palpatine.

The Characters of Ragtag:

Buck: late-60s/early-70s man that has been a scoundrel for most of his life. He has collected orphans and trained them like Oliver Twist in Space. He joins the rebellion making him a target.

Dodger Boon: (Todd Stashwick) a pupil of Buck’s. He was an Alderaanian that ran rather than be forced into Imperial service at age 17. He has survivor’s guilt after Alderaan is blown up by the Death Star. He needs to buy his name off the survivors’ list the Empire has so he’s willing to work for Jabba the Hutt to earn the credits.

Robie Mattox: (Natalie Morales) a gunslinger with a laconic attitude. She was raised by the Wandering Star crime family on 1313. She’s afraid of droids as they creep her out. She would have been the hero in the sequel to Ragtag.

Lunak: a male in his 50s. A new race called a Gudon with a thick body and the attitude of a retired boxer. He wears a voice translator and is Dodger’s mechanic.

Doc: a Rebel field medic droid stolen by Dodger. Her head could detach from her body which is a ball bottom with a barrel-shaped body.

Wil Nightstar: a late-30s human male that has been friends with Dodger for years. He’s dashing and charming.

Oona Sable: an opulent woman in her 20s. She is used to being pampered and wealthy. She is trained in rich girl sports which will come into play once she comes to realizations about her family.

Zanni: is an Anzat male is in his late 30s. He can sort of use the Force but never for anything good. He’s a sneaky crook and Dodger needs his help but reluctantly. Over the course of the story he would have found a higher calling.

Korzan Sable:  an underboss in the Rang Clan. She’s dangerously ambitious and discovers a purple gas that can be weaponized for the Empire.

The Story of Star Wars: Project Ragtag

The criminal families were in disarray after new regulations came down from the imperials in their sectors. Just like everyone else, some profited and others were less than thrilled with the Imperial occupation of the black markets.

The Rang Clan is based on Coruscant but they moved in on the lucrative geography of Tatooine. Their relationship with the Empire allowed them to essentially gain permission to operate on the planet run by Jabba the Hutt. This of course makes for friction in the underworld as the Hutts and the Rang vie for power under imperial rule.

Jabba the Hutt pressures Dodger, our hero, to work for him on a job uncharacteristic of his normal gigs. Dodger Boon and his sidekick Robie Mattox are to kidnap Korzan’s only daughter, Oona Sable. Jabba wants to use her as leverage to push the Rang off Tatooine.

The villain of Ragtag was Korzan Sable, mother of Oona. Korzan is an underboss for the Rang and through her we would examine the Crymorah’s workings. These are the enemies you would face as Dodger Boon for most of the game, including Korzan’s foot soliders. But Korzan is more ruthless than most would think and she’s using the Alderaan Graveyard to develop a weapon for the Empire. Her collusion with the Empire isn’t welcomed by the Rang but they look the other way during this complicated time, waiting to see how things shake out.

Mos Elrey is a small village on Tatooine. It is set in a canyon below the plains with dwellings built into the side of the canyon. This is where Buck Freeborn lives and operates but he has recently been exposed as a Rebel agitator.

After Dodger and Robie kidnap Oona, Dodger learns that his mentor, Buck Freeborn has joined the Rebellion and is aiding the Alliance. This confuses Dodger as it is not the way he was trained by Buck. Dodger gets a warning call from Buck and quickly heads to Mos Elrey. When he arrives he is horror stricken to find that he has entered a staging ground for an Imperial weapon’s test. The weapon being tested is under Korzan for the Tarkin Initiative (the same secret division that created the Death Star). Everyone at Mos Elrey, including Buck have been turned into calcified statues, postured in terror for eternity.

Dodger and Robie see the destruction of the village and the pillaging by the Empire but they pick up a piece of evidence that tells them something important related to this project is going down on Xibariz. The people are dead but the village and the structures are intact. Korzan’s stooges raid the village of all precious materials. The Empire is pleased. Dodger and Robie then leave and bust Oona out of Jabba’s prison, stealing his leverage.

The crew for the mission consists of Robbie, Dodger, and Oona. But they’re joined by Zanni a charlatan that was supposed to be a Jedi but instead uses the Force to scam people (Doger isn’t fond of him). The ship’s mechanic is named Lunak, he’s our Chewbacca and a scoundrel/smuggler named Wil Nightstar (who was a Darklighter for some of the development). They also have a droid named Doc, she’s like BB-8 and R2-D2 mashed together (based on McQuarrie’s first Artoo concept art) and acts as your hacker and healer.

Oona has a pass to enter Xibariz and she’s their ticket onto the “space Vegas” of Star Wars. It is a movie space station run by the Baldmiro Crime Family and only the rich and powerful are allowed to enter. The exterior looks like a floating Cloud City if you will, but the inside is rather different with a sky projected on the ceiling giving it a look and feel of a city planet. Here you can see live shows, high stakes gambling (with Rancors fights!) and all kinds of illicit things you might see in Vegas or Amsterdam. Gondolas would fly from the canals into the sky only to land in another canal to take riders to their locations.

The crew cons their way onto Xibariz to me with Anada Sirena (an old friend/lover of Buck), who is a Baldamiro underboss and chanteuse. She takes the ragtag crew to a cantina where the meeting is going down between the Rang and the Empire. They hear Korzan spill the beans about the Alderaan Graveyard and the weapon’s test. This hits home for Dodger as he was from Alderaan and ran when faced with the Imperial draft. We also learn that Dodger kidnapped Oona to get himself removed from the list of Alderaanian survivors the Empire is hunting in the aftermath of the Death Star’s destruction of the planet. With the intel in hand, they run for their lives and are forced to fight their way off Xibariz but they’re separated.

Oona and Wil escape together. Oona realizes what a monster her mother is and she is forever changed in that moment after the revelation her mother is a genocidal profiteer. She is devastated and her bratty ways begin to fall off.

Dodger and the others crash land on Oto-Phagii. It is here Dodger and Zanni discover a run down spice mine colony. The locals are spice addicts that worship a giant Hutt (like Ziro’s mother in Clone Wars). However, this Hutt is an albino named Mammo the Hutt. Dodger gets captured and is about to be sacrificed to Mammo by the insane spice addicts. But Lunak is like “bye Felicia!” and saves Dodger.

The crew runs and discovers an old colonial planation that was once an Old Republic outpost used during The Clone Wars. They meet Major General Pilaf. A Clone Wars era officer that doesn’t know the war ended and has stood his ground at the post for over twenty years. His only friend is a reprogrammed Super Battle Droid named I-ZK (Isaac). This is the part of the story where they inform Pilaf about everything that’s gone down in Star Wars history and he agrees to give them Clone Wars era technology, weapons, and ships to take down Korzan.

They rendezvous with Wil at Basher’s Yard; a small moon with a junkyard. It is revealed here that Wil is an agent of Korzan and he was the one that pulled the trigger on Buck’s village at Mos Elrey. Wil has turned Oona over to her mother and destroyed the intel they were going to bring to the Rebel Alliance who will now not believe their tale.

Wil and Dodger have a duel and Wil is defeated.

The crew then races to the Alderaan Graveyard where they use the Clone Wars era ships to take down Korzan. The mining ships are used to fight the Clone Wars era fighters in a large battle. The crew rescues Oona and detonates the large command ship or the asteroid based mining facility (depending on who you ask). The explosion ignites the purple vapor of the Alderaan graveyard destroying it and the prospects of the super weapon.

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Project Ragtag is Shut Down.


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