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Ron Howard announces “Solo: A Star Wars Story” title!

Ron Howard just announced the title of the once untitled Han Solo story and it is predictably called: Solo: A Star Wars Story. We have seen this on various BTS gear and now they’ve officially committed to the title. I like it as it is what it is. I also like that Howard has been sharing photos from the set and being inclusionary unlike the past productions.

Check out the director Ron Howard’s announcement via his tweet below:

I used to wish the movie had a name like “Han Solo at Star’s End” or something like that. But since the movie encapsulates many years of Solo’s young life, it is probably the most apt title. Well, we finally got a title and it is exactly what we figured it would be. I dig. I’m still not crazy about “A Star Wars Story” as it didn’t fit Rogue One: A Star Wars Story at all. But I figure it will fit a film like Solo a lot better as it won’t be about a doomed suicide mission with a fairytale name. wrote:

In a surprise announcement today, director Ron Howard revealed the official name of the untitled Han Solo film: Solo: A Star Wars Story. The announcement came in a post in which the acclaimed filmmaker (with a little help from an anonymous Wookiee) thanked his cast and crew as principal photography wrapped.

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