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Rumors: The Worlds of the Untitled Han Solo Star Wars story!

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The Worlds of the Untitled Han Solo Star Wars story!

Over the last year, we’ve heard a lot of rumors from the set of the new untitled Han Solo film. I’m generally the most interested in what new worlds we will visit in each new film that arrives. I feel like I pick what Star Wars film I want to watch based on the colors and music I want to experience at that time. What is the setting? What places will Han Solo visit? Once we know the settings we can start to get a feel for where the movies goes as well.

There is always the risk the planets’ names have changed, these were code names or placeholders, and so on. However, having heard the names before and after Ron Howard took over the picture makes us think there’s a good chance these are the main locations and planets we will see in the untitled young Han Solo film:

  • Corellia
  • Kessel
  • Iridium
  • Savareen
  • Vandor

We are not saying this is the entire list of planets but these do appear to the be the important worlds. We’re getting the vibe that the movie starts on Corellia with a young Han Solo racing speeders or podcars. The movie then moves into the war years with Han Solo and Beckett being some sort of Imperials dressed similar to AT-AT commanders in a frontier battle. Beckett and Solo end up in chains (after refusing to do something evil) and they’re dragged through the mud and probably end up on Kessel after things go from bad to worse. Of course in the mines on Kessel Han will meet Chewbacca and escape with him, kicking off their lifelong friendship. From there a new Falcon painted blue shows up with Lando making his way into the film and an important job.


Iridium has shown up in Star Wars before. The rumors about this world are that it is mountainous and dangerous. The Expanded Universe lore had pirates that used power gems to disable the shields of ships so they could raid them. We do not know if there’s a connection to the Expanded Universe or if they just happen to share the name.


Vandor was a rocky system of planets in the Expanded Universe in the Coruscant system. I should note that there’s a planet in Han Solo at Star’s End called Fondor. Fondor has also shown up in the new Battlefront II video game. It has made me wonder if I misheard it due to regional accents. I’m still awaiting confirmation on that because I could have sworn they were saying Vandor but Fondor sounds pretty damn close too.


Savareen has shown up in Star Wars lore already as well. It is mostly mentioned for its brandy. Maybe that brandy is interesting to smugglers during Imperial rule? We will have more to say on this world soon.


We think the Han Solo speeder stuff is likely on Corellia and the youngest version of Han we see in the film. Here are some videos we were sent of the cars being filmed on location before Ron Howard took over the film:


Kessel would be the world where Han Solo likely frees the Wookiees. We have heard of a variety of Wookiees besides Chewbacca showing up in this film. We saw a brief glimpse of Kessel in Star Wars Rebels and it was mentioned in A New Hope as a place See-Threepio really doesn’t want to be sent to. Do they end up on Kessel after a run goes bad or is it as prisoners because of what happened on the frontier of Corellia during a battle?

Han’s Post-War Cynicism and My Optimism

We will hopefully have more details about each of these worlds as we move closer and closer to the release of the film on May 25th, 2018. We’re really close to knowing a lot about Han Solo’s young life and what shaped him into the cynic we all know and love. A lot of that cynicism apparently comes post-war for Solo. I’m more excited than ever to follow Solo on his adventures from one side of the galaxy to the other. What made this guy into the person he is and what were his early adventures like? The movie is sounding exceptionally fun.

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