With The Last Jedi still over two months away, and with (possibly) another week to go before another trailer debuts, many Star Wars fans were excited to see the return of Forces of Destiny.

Julie Muncy of iO9 detailed the latest episode (spoilers):

The new short, which clocks in at just over three minutes, features Sabine on a rebel mission alongside Ketsu Onyo, a character introduced in the second season of Rebels and not seen much since. Voiced by Gina Torres, she’s an old friend of Sabine’s, a Mandalorian warrior who went to work for the Black Sun crime syndicate at the same time Sabine joined the crew of the Ghost. In this short, Ketsu is still on the fence about the whole fighting-the-Empire thing, but she’s decided to come along with Sabine on the heist anyway. It fills in a nice moment in her character arc as shown in Rebels, further showing how Sabine’s influence pulled her from a criminal path and onto a more heroic one.

And here is that latest short:

Also, enjoy the series second trailer, including appearances by (young and old) Han Solo:

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