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Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News 11.29.17

Good Morning America & EW continue coverage of the Last Jedi

Some minor Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers ahead. Tread lightly…

Our main man Corey has been way on top of everything happening in the moment. However, here are a couple of Star Wars items you may have missed to help fill your lunch hour (or the time between TPS reports).

Boyega says Hamill comes back strong

With apologies to NTIP, Luke Skywalker is back!

This morning, John Boyega, Finn’s earthly alter ego, told Good Morning America:

Seeing him around is incredible. In seven [‘The Force Awakens’] there was only one moment for him and now it’s, you know, called ‘The Last Jedi’ and it has Luke Skywalker in it. It’s going to be crazy… and his acting is incredible. Mark’s come back strong and Luke as a character is so solid in this. I can’t wait to see it. It’s going to be good.”

Watch his full interview below.

Beware BB-9E (a.k.a. BB-Hate)

Yesterday, and as promised, Anthony Breznican dropped some more knowledge on Star Wars fans.

In his latest Star Wars story, Breznican gave a full breakdown of the Saga’s newest droid BB-9E:

The make is a familiar BB ball-droid unit, but the model is not. This is a variation on cute and cuddly BB-8 that is meant to evoke dread instead of warmth, with a wasp-shaped flat-top head, a low electronic growl, and a single glowing eye borrowed from HAL 9000, the malignant supercomputer from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.”

Read the full story here, and watch the video below.

Campea’s take on the Saga

Nothing Earth-shattering here, but hey, John Campea’s Star Wars Talk Tuesdays has kept me coming back.

This week, Campea pontificated on how Kylo Ren’s physical state was a major factor in Rey’s win over the Dark Sider on Starkiller Base. That’s at 30:20, but the discussion was pretty fun throughout.

That’s it for now but keep it here at MSW for all the latest.


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