Cantina Cast #207 Rogue One: One Year Later

While Joao is on leave Mike is joined by Albert from the Cantina Cast Discord channel. This week they discuss some interesting things from The Last Jedi and reflect on Rogue One.

Quick episode summary:
  • Disney in talks to buy Fox Studios?
  • The Last Jedi TV spot “Awake”
  • Mark Hamill says Luke is not evil in The Last Jedi
  • Main Topic: Rogue One a year later
  • $1.5 billion worldwide
  • What has changed since Rogue One‘s release?
  • Which characters have grown since Rogue One?
  • How does Rogue One connect with Rebels?
  • The soundtrack of Rogue One
  • The future of spinoffs
  • Where does Rogue One rank?

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