Check out Jason Ward’s “Mom and Dad” charity single for RAINN

Hey Friends,

My new song “Mom and Dad” is out and can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, and Bandcamp. 100% of the earnings from this single will be donated to RAINN (Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network) for at least the first two weeks. The coolest part is I got to write a song with the President of the United States of America, from a certain point of view. I wrote, sing, and play guitar on this track. My “Now, This is Podcasting!” co-host Randy Lo Gudice plays bass on it and Robo Carrillo plays the drums. The art for the single was done by Ben Layton.

I hope you’ll check the song out, buy it, and enjoy it. If you hear it and it isn’t your cup of tea, consider making a donation to RAINN anyhow.

Mom and Dad
Click here to purchase on Bandcamp.


If you enjoy the music stylings of Jason Ward (that’s me) you can follow me at JasonWard.Bandcamp.com where I have a lot of new content releasing in the coming weeks (the same content will also be available from the major music retailers). The song will also be on Spotify in the coming days but isn’t available yet at the time of this posting. I hope it isn’t too irritating that I took a moment to share some of my art here that isn’t Star Wars related but features Star Wars podcasters making music and art together. So I kinda get a pass, right?

Right now a lot of what’s going on in the world makes me really angry and I feel more compelled to vent my frustrations in other ways than just being mad on Twitter. I think we have a lot to be angry about and a lot of people have failed us or bought into a big fraud. We have a sexual predator in the White House and I can’t help but wonder how the older generation could do this to us? Can they sleep at night? They knew he said the things I put into my song. Yet, they still voted that monster into power. I thought it might be a good idea to take that monster’s horrendous words and subvert them and if it makes any money, give the money to a charity actively fighting against the type of abuse our President champions as “Locker Room Talk.” Our “Locker Room Rock” will hopefully make something good from something so awful.

Thanks for checking out my music. I really appreciate being part of such a supportive community .I also hope you’ll check out my next single “Alternate Dimensions” that features Rebel Grrrl’s Amanda Ward coming very soon.

-Jason Ward


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