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Empire Magazine has some Star Wars: The Last Jedi issues on the way. PORGS!

The always excellent Empire magazine has a pretty rad track record of reporting on Star Wars content. For me, The Empire/EW coverage is the one-two punch of kicking off Star Wars season. Here we are with another movie just days away and the last of the coverage begins. I hear that Empire’s Star Wars issue goes on sale this Thursday and the subscriber cover has Porgs on it.

The subscriber cover:

I think that is the best cover possible. Looking back at this era, after basic pictures of the film lose their luster, this cover will be there, still being rad. I love it. Look at their stupid adorable faces! With so much Star Wars content hitting in the modern era, I have had to really pick and choose what I can keep and this one’s a keeper.

I suspect we’ll also see a few solid images from Empire throughout the week and when they hit we’ll let you know. I suggest subscribing to Empire if you don’t already. Every year you’ll get an awesome Star Wars cover–that much is pretty much guaranteed.

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