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Entertainment Weekly: Lando Calrissian will not appear in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Entertainment Weekly has been releasing several stories this week about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, this time focusing on Lando Calrissian. During an interview with Rian Johnson, The Last Jedi director confirmed Lando will not be in the film.

“No, and I don’t want fans to get their hopes up,” writer-director Rian Johnson tells EW. “He’s not in the film and it was never really something that came up. I mean, I loved that character. It would have been fun to see him, but it’s just not something that ever really had a place in the story.”

I personally do not understand why Lando didn’t appear in The Force Awakens, and now The Last Jedi. He’s more than just a side character; he’s proven he’s an extremely important character. We’ve seen him return in Star Wars Rebels and Battlefront II, both times voiced by Billy Dee Williams. According to Billy’s manager, he’s more than willing to return:

“Billy respects the studio and all involved in the decision but would be happy to be in any future Star Wars film if asked.”

I am hoping Lando returns in Episode IX. If not it’ll be a bit of a letdown that we never get to see him again. At this point, I’ll take just a mention of Lando in The Last Jedi. It definitely won’t hinder my experience with the films, but it would have been nice to see him again.

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