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Entertainment Weekly: The Fate of Luke and Leia in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly continues his always excellent preview of Star Wars: The Last Jedi today by focusing on arguably the most famous space twins in Force history: Luke and Leia.

Indeed, one of Entertainment Weekly‘s fantastic new covers features the reunion 34 years in the making, with Luke and Leia together again on the set of The Last Jedi.  Many fans expected a reunion of Han, Luke, and Leia as soon as the new Sequel Trilogy was announced.  Of course (spoilers!) with Han’s death and Luke’s cameo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, that particular reunion is no longer possible, but we still have Luke and Leia.  The chance to see Anakin’s children, perhaps lending each other the strength to fight the current evil, is enough for even the most jaded Star Wars fans to get excited.  However, according to EW, an on-screen reunion is far from guaranteed.

Whether they actually get that reunion in The Last Jedi isn’t a given, though. “It’s nice seeing them on the cover though. Even if all we have is that,” Johnson says.

If these star-crossed twins find each other again, it’ll be bittersweet. If they don’t, it will be tragic. But heartbreak is a part of life, even in fantasy.

Without knowing the context and hearing the actual conversation, it’s hard to say, but the quote reads a bit like it was said tongue-in-cheek.  I haven’t lost hope on a Skywalker twin reunion yet!

Sadly, what we do know is that this will be Carrie Fisher’s last on-screen performance as Leia, which obviously has huge implications for the character herself.  Breznican speculates that for this final arc of Leia, her focus might be more personal:

After all these years in service to the wider galaxy, it may be time for the Skywalkers to bring balance to themselves. In The Force Awakens, Leia needed Luke’s help, and she couldn’t fathom why he exiled himself. But now he needs her as much as she needs him.

Similarly, we might see how family impacts the current state of Luke Skywalker:

“It’s very important for Luke to feel grounded and feel like he has a family. I think he loves her dearly,” Hamill says. “I mean, I can’t separate Leia from Carrie and Mark from Luke in that regard because we were like real siblings. We had these huge rows and we blew hot and cold, but months even years would go by and then you’d see them again and it’s like…”

All of these implications point toward a potentially heartbreaking resolution to the story of the Skywalker twins.  And in many ways, maybe a tragic end is the most appropriate one for this family.

Be sure to read more of Breznican’s article on Luke and Leia, as well as more great coverage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, over at Entertainment Weekly.


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