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Live-action Star Wars TV series to debut on new Disney streaming service!

Variety is reporting that a Star Wars live-action series was announced during a conference call with Disney CEO Bob Iger where he also discussed Rian Johnson helming a new Star Wars film trilogy. There is a streaming service coming from Disney by 2019 that should have the show as one of the main selling features. A Marvel offering is also expected that should please many fans of both sides of the adult nerd Disney coin.

Disney plans to launch the new live-action show on the new streaming service that they’ll be offering in 2019 and it will not have traditional advertising methods:

Iger also said he expects the Disney-branded streaming service to be priced “substantially below” Netflix’s $10.99 a month because the service will have less content overall. “The price will reflect that,” he said. “Our goal is to attract as many subs as possible starting out.”

So you’ll get a Marvel series, a Star Wars series, and all of that under the price of Netflix which isn’t too shabby since no one is going to drop their Netflix account. The future looks bright for Star Wars! That’s for damn sure!

We will report more on this as details become available.

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