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Rian Johnson to helm a new Star Wars trilogy!

Lucasfilm has just announced that Star Wars: The Last Jedi writer and director Rian Johnson will be helming a brand new Star Wars trilogy set outside of the Skywalker saga. Check out the press release:

“Lucasfilm is excited to announce that Johnson will create a brand-new Star Wars trilogy, the first of which he is also set to write and direct, with longtime collaborator Ram Bergman onboard to produce.

As writer-director of The Last Jedi, Johnson conceived and realized a powerful film of which Lucasfilm and Disney are immensely proud. In shepherding this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.”

This is pretty exciting news as Rian will be developing brand-new characters that aren’t connected to the Skywalker saga at all. It’s something different that we haven’t gotten as a trilogy before. The news is pretty vague right now but I’m sure in the coming months we’ll find out more.

Jason’s Thoughts:

A part of me hopes this means the lore Rian Johnson developed for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is so expansive it birthed another trilogy. The separation from the Skywalker saga is both scary and exciting. As I was typing this sentence, my son, now four, woke up from his nap. His response was “Wow, because they killed Darth Vader in Episode VI.” I couldn’t agree more. His response was to immediately run and put on LEGO Star Wars and I can’t help but no agree with his approach.

Just about every day I get a direct message on some social media platform that goes kind of like this. They sort of go “What are people really saying about The Last Jedi?” My response is that I hear they’re extremely pleased. Now,  it is clear they’re more than extremely pleased they’re in love with Rian Johnson. That’s an endorsement for The Last Jedi if I ever saw one.

The last line of the press release is the most exciting thing. A “corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored” is enough to get me going. To me it says it isn’t a Knights of the Old Republic story. But maybe its about the first Jedi on Ahch-To? Maybe whatever it it is happens to be something Rian spawned while making the backstory for The Last Jedi? It could be anything and that’s the exciting part.

I’m really happy to see Star Wars moving forward into places it has never been and that’s what is going to keep us excited for a long time…

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