Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo footage coming to theaters starting next month!

I just came out of watching Thor: Ragnarok and before the film started a lot of cool Star Wars: The Last Jedi  behind-the-scenes montages were shown (the same BTS stuff we’ve seen) from Noovie at an AMC IMAX theater. Starting next month Noovie (a 20 minute behind-the-scenes show for upcoming movies and TV shows) will begin debuting new behind-the-scenes looks at future Star Wars films starting with The Last Jedi. Noovie will also be the first to show sneak peeks of Solo: A Star Wars Story. This was teased in an article from Hollywood Reporter last month which was further talked about in a clip before the trailers debuted during Thor.


The clip only teased The Last Jedi exclusive footage for next month, so I wouldn’t think we’ll start seeing Solo behind-the-scenes footage until next year, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Noovie shows something before The Last Jedi. But like I said, it’s not very clear when they will show Solo footage. It was very cool to see the behind-the-scenes footage and trailer on an IMAX screen.

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