Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV spot shows a startled Finn

“Where’s Rey?” Yet another new TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released, this time featuring Finn coming out of his coma.

I like the way John Boyega sells that Finn is startled–it’s awesome to see that he’s concerned for Rey. Another thing to note is The Last Jedi has officially been rated PG-13. Only 27 days till we all get to see The Last Jedi in theaters! 

IMG 6998 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV spot shows a startled Finn


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  • Rey has a pointy saber at the end. Nooooooo!

  • SGSJason

    Finn was trained to fight? Because IIRC he was a janitor who choked in his first combat experience, tried to run away, and got his butt kicked by Hot Topic Solo.

    • He said he was “raised” to fight, but yeah the inconsistencies with Finn’s backstory suck. I much preferred the Finn from Before the Awakening that was Phasma’s star pupil and headed for leadership. That sanitation line in TFA is absolute trash.

      • Josh Stoodley

        You guys do know that everybody gets the shit jobs in the military, right? That the guys in the top of the class and the bottom of the class all have to take turns as janitors, doing latrine duty, patrol and more? That this is absolutely vital to building an army?

        It’s how armies build discipline and cohesion. It’s how they instill loyalty. Had Finn not fought his way free from the First Order, he would have found himself stationed back on Starkiller base, doing something else menial, like peeling potatoes (probably not, but you get the idea). And if he was selected for command, guess what?

        He’d still be doing shit jobs. Mostly paperwork but hey. Shit jobs are shit jobs. And they are ninety-percent of what a military does. Paperwork. Sanitation. Latrine duty. Maintenance. Marching. Standing around like total jerks in the pouring rain. All that builds discipline. Loyalty. Cohesion. It keeps your gear in working order. All of which is the difference between life and total annihilation when under fire.

        Finn’s experiences are typical for army life. Up to the point where he’s asked to commit a war crime. That’s not so typical anymore, and Finn’s daring rescue of Poe and his subsequent fight to get and stay free from the First Order make him one of the biggest badasses in Star Wars.

        Oh, and he managed to stay toe-to-toe with a deranged dark sider who outmatched him in every way. Not for long, true, but it’s a hell of a lot better than just about anybody else when coming up against a Force user.