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Around the Galaxy: Star Wars News 12.01.17

A Parade of new Star Wars coverage

Possible spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned…

It seems to this writer that keeping up with the latest Star Wars news has become a Sisyphean task.

And while our work is much more enjoyable than the deceitful king of Ephyra, we know that we will continue to be bowled over with information.

Today is no different, but we’ve selected a few fun links to help you get through the day.

Why Parade loves Star Wars

star wars

None other than Parade Magazine has jumped on the bandwagon, and today the famous Sunday paper tabloid insert’s Mara Reinstein gave her look around the Galaxy.

Parade’s top reason to love Star Wars? Luke Skywalker.

The 2015 blockbuster Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens ended with the farm boy–turned–self-exiled Jedi warrior (Mark Hamill, 66) standing silently on a cliff on an island on the planet Ahch-To, looking warily at Rey (Daisy Ridley, 25) as she offers him his long-lost lightsaber.

Enjoy this suprisingly comprehensive breakdown of The Last Jedi buzz at or in this weekend’s newspapers.

Have you seen the flying porg?

Meanwhile, after seeing a recent trailer for The Last Jedi, UK METRO’s Claire Rutter wrote:

“We already know that the porgs are going to be the best addition to the movie and a rather amusing trailer with a flying porg has just made our day and our wait that much harder.”

This was an actual “lol” moment for this writer; find the comedy at the 10-second mark.

METRO’s full piece can be found here.

Hamill: Luke is tortured and burdened by his mistakes

Photo: American Way

We’ll stay in the UK momentarily, where a fun post by the Daily Mail compiled a ton of Mark Hamill minutae, but also heavily quoted American Way (American Airlines quarterly magazine).

In an article entitled “Mark Hamill is a Tour de Force,” written by Senior Editor Derrik Lang, the actor gave notes about Luke Skywalker’s mood as Rey encounters him in The Last Jedi.

Hamill told American Way:

Luke was always the most optimistic character. He represented hope and the idea that someone who dedicates himself to the greater good can overcome great obstacles.”

“Luke is tortured and burdened by his mistakes,” added the beloved actor. “He thought he knew who the chosen one was—and he chose wrong. That’s all his responsibility. All the horrible things that are going on, the guilt and the burden, must be so heavy.”

“What I’m saying is, Luke is not exactly a barrel of laughs—not that he ever was. But at least in some of the early movies he was having fun,” he said.

Back to Breznican

For completeness’ sake, and because all of his posts have been so damn cool, we keep a weather eye on and Anthony Breznican’s coverage of The Last Jedi.

Recently he introduced BB-9E; however, the prolific reporter has added THREE more posts. The first centers on the Canto Bight’s police speeder. The second, posted today, speaks to the the state of the Resistance’s ski speeder fleet.

UPDATED: Breznican recently posted another video, this time on Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer.

Enjoy! And, as always, keep your browser locked on MSW for all the latest. JB


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