Cantina Cast #214: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker

It’s now time for Mike and Joao to do what they do best, character dissections. First up on The Last Jedi dissection table is the legendary Luke Skywalker.

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Joao wants to see one more epic moment with R2-D2
  • Is Luke Skywalker dying or having the thought of killing Ben Solo–what’s causing people to be upset?
  • Is he right in blaming himself?
  • Wanting to die?
  • Reluctant to teach Rey
  • The lessons
  • The hubris of the Jedi
  • Luke and Rey’s relationship
  • Joseph Campbell’s connection to Luke being a hermit
  • Yoda teaches Luke one last lesson
  • The twins reunited
  • Luke’s confrontation with Ben Solo
  • Transcending in the Force
  • Will Luke haunt Ben?

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