Big time Hayden Christensen (and journalism) fans, in particular, will remember one of “Anakin Skywalker’s” non-Star Wars movie appearances in a film entitled Shattered Glass.

The flick, synopsized by Wikipedia, is “a 2003 American-Canadian biographical crime drama film written and directed by Billy Ray. The screenplay is based on a September 1998 Vanity Fair article by H. G. Bissinger. In it, he chronicled the rapid rise of Stephen Glass’s journalistic career at The New Republic during the mid-1990s and his steep fall when his widespread journalistic fraud was exposed.”

Frankly, and no matter that Christensen–Darth Vader himself–played him in a film, Stephen Glass has nothing on Mickey Suttle, aka SuperShadow.

The Strange Tale of SuperShadow

As one of the original fansite webmasters, for 20 years Suttle was anything but, as he feigned insider status, deceiving the Star Wars community.

In his recent piece, Thrillist’sJeremy Smith recounts the strange tale of SuperShadow, Suttle’s online avatar who wove fabulist tales of connection to George Lucas which duped so many of us who cut our Internet teeth on stories of the Star Wars (never) to come. At least not in the form described by the infamous SS…

More interesting still are MSW Editor-in-chief Jason Ward’s recollections of his interactions with SuperShadow as a budding Star Wars journalist.

Peruse the full article on In an age of “fake news” and free-flowing Star Wars spoilers, it’s a must-read. And be sure to check out Jason’s quotes therein… JB

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