You guys sent over 800 Star Wars items to hospitalized children! See a video of the results!

Yearly, with the platform we have here I like to focus our energy into a charity related endeavor because we can do something good so we should do something good. I like the idea of using the new Star Wars films and tickets as a way to get money flowing into a charity. That way way we get to see a film while contributing to something positive. However, the movie ticket industry is strange and the red tape involved is just too disheartening.

A few months ago, my old friend Brandon spoke to me about his idea to do a toy drive, probably Star Wars related. I thought it was a great idea. This would allow us to take the average Star Wars fan’s penchant for extreme consumerism (for better or worse) and focus it towards doing some good and we wouldn’t have to deal with the red tape of the movie industry. We decided to combine our efforts and and our podcast network would focus on a toy drive this year.

The results were amazing. You guys really made it all come together and we had over 800 Star Wars toys to give to children stuck in the hospital because they’re sick or they’re sibling was sick. Some of these kids are going to recover and remember the time Star Wars fans came together and gave them something that made their situation better, fun, and gave them an escape. We’re sharing our love for something with children and helping them experience the best part of childhood itself (at least in my experience as a former kid).

Check out the video of the results of the day the Star Wars toys were give to the kids:

I think this will become a yearly endeavor and I hope those that participated will join us next year and those that didn’t have a chance will team up with us next year to beat this year’s success and bring even more joy to hospitalized children and their families.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You cats are the best!

-Jason Ward

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